Saree Jackets

These colorful, elegant jackets are adapted from Indian sarees. Comfortable and suitable for many occasions, a saree jacket adds a dash of originality to any wardrobe. The available styles are shown to the right. Since each saree is enough material for 2 different jackets, each jacket is a one-of-a-kind. The price range is from $195.00 to $495.00 depending on the style of the jacket. Please call to find out what sizes and colors are available. I also take special orders for these very elegant jackets so you can have one made especially for you in your favorite color.
Bolero   Style #2637
Cocoon 1   Cocoon 2
Crossover 1   Crossover 2
Crossover 3   Crossover 4
Duster 1   Duster 2
Duster 3   Duster 4
Duster 5   Portrait
Short and Sassy 1   Short and Sassy 2
Short and Sassy 3   Short and Sassy 4
Short and Sassy 5   Single Lapel 1
Single Lapel 2   Single Lapel 3
Tuxedo 1   Tuxedo 2
Tuxed 3   Tuxedo 4
Tuxedo 5   Tuxedo 6
Tuxedo 7   Tuxedo 8
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