Sweatshirt Cardigans

Who knew you could transform a very comfortable but hard-to-put-on sweatshirt into a stylish, comfortable and easy-to-wear cardigan, trimmed with fabric and embroidered with a coordinating design! No one will ever know it's a sweatshirt unless you tell them. Each cardigan is made of 9 ounce 50/50 polyester/cotton Ultra Blend fabric that continues to look great after repeated maching washing and drying. All styles come with a pocket and come in sizes small to 2XL. Trim fabric may vary slightly as we occasionally run out of one and have to replace it with a similar color/design. Contact us if you would like to 'design your own'. $38.00
Black Crest   Black Eyed Susan
Black Fall Leaf   Black Holly Tree
Black Paisley   Black Scroll
Black Shamrock   Cranberry Crest
Cranberry Paisley   Khaki Paisley
Light Blue Floral   Maroon Paisley
Navy Crest   Navy Draped Flag
Navy Paisley   Navy RWB Star
Purple Pansies   Purple Sun
Red Crest   Royal Snowflake
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